One of our customers, Roseline Coffee, reached out and their amazing team challenged us with a few a couple of “out of the box” sign projects.

For the interior sign they wanted a 4 sided illuminated sign that would be suspended from their ceiling.  My shop foremen designed a sign that looks great on paper.  The customer loved the proposed drawing so we were off and running for the interior sign.  The customer provided the artwork for the 4 sided back lit menu board sign and our crew fabricated it to perfection…or at least we all thought it looked great. 

The install for the interior sign was a process requiring inginuity and some serious McGyver skills and the crew did a great job.  It was fun watching the install happen and talking with the Roseline Coffee people during…they actually had a Go Pro and filmed the whole process.


Once everything was hooked up we turned on the breaker and the looks on the Roseline Coffee peoples faces said it all…the crew did a great job and the customer was very happy.

Now the for exterior sign…the Roseline Coffee folks don’t really like typical cookie cutter signs so for the exterior we went with a backlit cabinet with push thru acrylic letters, a replica of what we made for them at their Alberta location here in Portland, and to top if off made a double sides channel letter arrow to point the customers in the right direction.

Again the customer was very happy with how the exterior sign turned out and for their new location they were off and running.

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